The Ultimate Hand-Holding and Empowerment System Including Expanding Your Sourcing Options toTriple Your Arbitrage Sales and Profits

Proudly Introducing the Shop Your Way to Wealth Acceleration

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I understand that by acting RIGHT NOW I'm going to accomplish:
  • checkHow to do my first scanning session, buy products and have Danita and her team of coaches review each of my products one-by-one
  • checkI’ll know which ones are keepers to ship to Amazon and which ones to return to the store and I’ll know exactly why!
  • checkReceive one-on-one help setting up my first shipment so I have no worries of making mistakes. I’ll have my products properly tracked to my Amazon account and watch the sales roll in!
  • checkAttend a “Group Marathon Product Scanning Session” with SYWW Expert Trainer Danita Zanrè reviewing each and every product including my own! – $997 Value

I Also Receive Full Recordings of the 1-Day SYWW Fall 2017 Workshop – $1997 Value

I will learn the following…

  • checkHow to Manage the Dynamics of the Amazon Marketplace to Your Business's Advantage
  • checkScanning with the Pros
  • checkLearn How to You Can Take Advantage of Apps, Programs, and Rewards Beyond the Amazon Seller App
  • checkBeyond the Basics – In-depth Evaluation of a Products and Buying the Best Inventory for Your Business!
  • checkProfit vs. Turns vs. ROI – What is Best Strategy for Your Financial Situation!
  • checkThe Ultimate Product Evaluation Test
  • checkA complete Instructional Review of Over 20 Products with Detailed Explanations for a Variety of Scenarios that You will Encounter
  • checkHow You Can Make the Most of Every Minute of Shopping
  • checkHow Much Should You Buy and Why
  • checkUnderstand the Pros and Cons of Going Deep vs. Wide in Your Purchasing Decisions
  • checkHow to Create Your Own Listing for Products Not Yet on Amazon
  • check2 Secret UPS Tips that We Share ONLY with Workshop Participants
  • checkOur Almost Top Secret List of Stores to Shop Nationally and Regional and Amazing Places to Source Products that No One Thinks About
  • checkDetailed List of Coupons and Reward Programs to Save You Money
  • checkInside Tips and Tricks for Inventory Tracking, Bookkeeping and Taxes

Rosemary Kattner

The best workshop ever!! So much information was given almost non-stop. Everyone's questions were addressed too. Thank you, you are amazing. 

Rosemary Kattner – Shop Your Way to Wealth Member

I Receive Full PDF of SYWW Workshop Event Handouts & Cheat Sheets – $297 Value

  • checkAll morning session PDF & Cheat Sheets
  • checkAll afternoon session PDF & Cheat Sheets
  • checkDiscount and Promotions Handout

PLUS, I receive the Recordings of the 2 Post SYWW Workshop Follow-Up Webinars with Ann Sieg’s Top Performing SYWW Arbitrage Sellers – $597 Value

Post Webinar #1: Optimize Your Amazon Storefront to Maximize Sales

  • checkWhat is Q4 and How to Create Momentum for Q1 – Big Picture Strategy
  • checkAnticipated inventory needs – How Not to Over or Under Stock
  • checkFBA Holiday Calendar – Advanced Planning Yields Big Dividends
  • checkHoliday Season FBA Fees
  • checkAmazon Optimization Strategies – How Max Out Your Sales Performance
  • checkPromoting Your Products – Lean Into Amazon's Sponsored Ad Platform
  • checkMega Checklist: Toy & Games holiday season selling requirements

Post Webinar #2: The A-to-Z of Prepping, Packing and Shipping Your Products into Amazon

  • checkComplete Guide to Amazon Shipping from Our Expert Coaches Who Have Shipped In Over $286,000.00 in product to Amazon in the Past Year
  • checkComplete Go-To Resource for Any Possible Amazon Shipping Issue that May Occur
  • checkStep-by-step overview of Amazon’s new Box Content Policies
  • checkHow To Deal with Missing Inventory
  • checkHow to Deal with Damaged Inventory by Amazon or by UPS
  • checkWhat to Do When You Make an Error on a Shipment
  • checkComplete Q&A Session for Our Workshop Participants Only
  • checkAdvance Tools to the Trade for Speed and Consistency
  • checkThe Simplest and Quickest Way to Track Refunds and Returns So You Are Not Leaving Money on the Table

Tim and Maia Coyle

The incredible friends we're making and the great training we're receiving as we all share the same goal of growing our businesses through not only Amazon but other avenues as well. We love this community.

Tim and Maia Coyle

Kristie Dugan

While I can not yet speak about FBA yet, I can certainly speak about the EMP group. For me it was the best decision I have made for me personally and professionally. The wealth of knowledge, support and creativity have really inspired me to stay on track and move my business forward. Looking forward to a great 2017 with all of you! Here's to everyone's success!

Kristie Dugan

Randi Thimesch

I deeply value my relationships with like-minded people in EMP who are smart, creative, energetic and supportive. Having an FBA business has helped me become more confident in myself, in my decisions and for my future.

Randi Thimesch

You'll also receive…

SYWW Leaderboard: Prizes & Recognition for Achievement – $597 Value

  • checkCompetition is always a good thing for helping people strive towards bigger goals
  • checkReceive the recognition for a job well done for every achievement along the way
  • checkReceive Shop Your Way to Wealth certification for completion of course and in-the-field results. Highly motivating and makes you a Pro!

Invite to Live Events! Free SYWW Workshop – $1997 Value

  • Receive everything as detailed in our Shop Your Way to Wealth recording sessions except, of course, this is the real deal meeting face-to-face. Also includes pre-workshop training! This is our most popular and widely held workshop. Be there for maximum success!

Weekly SYWW “Scanning Session Product Reviews” – $997 Value

  • checkWatch as a 6 figure arbitrage seller scans one product after another (including my own!) and explains why a product is a keeper or it belongs back on the shelf
  • checkBenefit from hearing other fellow members ask questions I might not think of and learn from the replies back from the expert trainer
  • checkLearn in a group setting that’s as close to a live setting as possible

Shop Your Way to Wealth Acceleration Mastermind Group$997 Value

  • checkBenefit from hearing and sharing the most recent developments in my mastermind group
  • checkIt’s a proven fact people are more motivated to work on their business when they’re journeying on the same path as others
  • checkProblem solve and become empowered as you resource with your fellow mastermind members
  • checkEnjoy the benefit of higher levels of accountability as you show up and encourage others and they encourage you
  • checkReview key training points together and discuss the latest accountability weekly video reviews. What’s working and what’s not

Expert Review of Your Weekly Progress Report – $597 Value

  • checkTap into the power of the constant feedback loop as a retail arbitrage expert reviews your weekly progress report giving important tips, strategies and suggestions
  • checkOur members report the review of the progress report has made a significant impact in staying on task with their business activities and goals

Online Arbitrage Profit Maximizer – $997 Value

  • checkTake your local retail arbitrage results to the next level by adding in online retail arbitrage
  • checkYou’ll be buying products from online stores to flip and sell for a profit on Amazon
  • checkReceive our expert training from our Director of Training and Coaching who’s made 6 figures for the last 7 years on
  • checkThis is highly valuable training providing you with cheat sheets and spreadsheets to help manage the data and extract out the most profitable and fast selling products

Book Flipping Profit System – $697 Value

  • checkHundreds of our students have used our highly popular and proprietary book flipping system created by EBS Director of Training, Brian Cummings
  • checkWe’ve had several students who have created fully automated book flipping businesses by outsourcing the work and still remaining profitable
  • checkEnjoy the highest level profits of any of Amazon’s categories – the book category
  • checkDiscover the specialty book category that helped Brian Cummings generate enough profit in a single month to put down a full down payment on his house

Daily Access to our entire EBS training faculty – PRICELESS

  • checkParticipate in our daily “Check & Adjust” calls to get constant help and feedback in your growing e-commerce business
  • checkOne of our expert trainers, Dr. Josie Shepard, has a full “Prep, Pack and Ship” warehouse in Southern California and is a recommended resource in Amazon’s Seller Central back office. She also has two fully automated Amazon businesses that provide her with walk-away income
  • checkOur 8020 Marketing team has cumulative sales of over $20,000,000.00. We can help with scaling your business and building bigger sellable e-commerce businesses
  • checkWe’ve got technical support trainings every week for members who need help

E-Commerce Business “Master Pack” Series – $40,000 Value

  • Consult with a Business Advisor

Cherie Hodges

My 4th quarter was great! I found 1 product that I sold a lot of. I felt like it was pure luck to hit the correct product. But after the seminar in MN I can actually go out and easily find products that are gems! I am looking forward to another great Q4 this year!! Gearing up right now!

Cherie Hodges

Debby Brady-Shaw

I attended the SYWW Workshop today. What a great experience! The information we learned today will take months off my learning curve, I am so glad I went. I will be looking at this through a better perspective on what to buy & not to buy. The tips and tricks we learned are invaluable. I am excited to buy & get my first shipment in.

Debby Brady-Shaw

Iduma Ortega

Best decision I have made to come to this training! I got so much from our scanning practice this morning and feel more confident now on what to buy and what not to buy. Thank you for sharing so many tips with us as well.

Iduma Ortega

This looks awesome! I've got a couple of questions before I move forward.

Heck Yeah! This looks awesome. Get me into SYWW Acceleration Immediately!

*For PayPal Financing you must have a Personal PayPal Account. Click the PayPal option on the shopping cart, login to your PayPal account and click the purple button for the financing option.

This is a 6-month program that begins upon receipt of payment

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